EagleTC is proud to announce a rebrand with the same excellence, quality, agility, and client satisfaction as before.

When Dr. Ahmad Nsour started EagleTC back in 2015, the goal was always to build a well-respected brand that’s not large, but rather a small and mighty team that focuses on top-notch service with a keen attention to detail. That’s because while Dr. Nsour worked as a consultant for some of the largest automakers on some extremely technical and complicated projects, he always knew that there was tremendous opportunity for the engineering expertise that he and his team could bring.

A shift in mentality for Dr. Nsour took place in the middle of 2020 as a result of the global pandemic. Like many entrepreneurs who used the pandemic as an opportunity to re-evalaute their business, Dr. Nsour took a good look at where EagleTC had been, where EagleTC was, and, most importantly, where EagleTC wanted to be.

The realization that marketing and branding needed to play a larger role for EagleTC came during that re-evaluation period. As an organization, EagleTC had previously focused most of its time, energy, and effort on projects and operations that it was time to pivot and focus on building a brand.

Companies that worked with EagleTC admired and respected the organization, but what would a new potential client that found EagleTC through Google think?

That was the inspiration behind the need to rebrand

Fast forward to 2022, and yes, the EagleTC rebrand is complete, but that’s not the entire story. With locations established in the United States, Jordan, and Australia, and projects completed in India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Brazil, EagleTC’s “small but mighty” team has a sum significantly larger than its parts.

“The vision, the mission, and the values haven’t changed in any capacity,” says Dr. Nsour. “Now, potential clients can see that EagleTC is a small but sophisticated global powerhouse. The goal has always been to build a trusted brand that’s reliable, agile, entrepreneurial, and well-respected, and our continued growth and new branding will contribute to that perception.”

“Now, people are attracted to EagleTC, and it helps us achieve our vision of being a global leader admired for technical excellence and innovation that contributes to our community. EagleTC is a mature, multi-faceted organization with a global presence that does great work,” Dr. Nsour explained.

As for the name, eagles are common symbols of might with sharp eyes that are resilient, truthful, honest, accurate, and wise: all traits that Dr. Nsour hopes that EagleTC embodies.

Plus, “Nsour” is Arabic for eagles, and the symbolism and traits of the eagle accurately depict where Dr. Nsour envisions the brand soaring in the future.