New branding. Same passion for client satisfaction.

When Dr. Ahmad Nsour founded EagleTC in 2015, his goal was to build a small, but mighty, team focused on top-notch service and detail. As a former automotive consultant, he knew there was a tremendous opportunity for his team’s engineering expertise.

In 2020, Dr. Nsour shifted his vision. Like many entrepreneurs, he saw the pandemic as an opportunity to re-evaluate his business and determine where he wanted EagleTC to go.

He started by giving marketing and branding a larger role. EagleTC had always placed importance on projects and operations, but now the focus shifted to building the brand. Contemplating how potential clients might view EagleTC inspired Dr. Nsour to look at his company through a different lens and make relevant changes.

Fast-forward to 2023 and the EagleTC rebrand is complete. With locations in the United States, Jordan and Australia, and projects completed in India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Brazil, EagleTC’s “small but mighty” team has a sum significantly larger than its parts.

“Our vision, mission and values haven’t changed in any capacity,” said Dr. Nsour. “Now, potential clients can see that EagleTC is a small but sophisticated global powerhouse. The goal has always been to build a trusted brand that’s reliable, agile, entrepreneurial and well-respected, and our continued growth and new branding will contribute to that perception.”

“It helps us achieve our vision of being a global leader admired for technical excellence and innovation. EagleTC is a mature, multi-faceted organization with a global presence that does great work,” Dr. Nsour explained.

As for the company name, eagles are common symbols of might with sharp eyes that are resilient, truthful, honest, accurate and wise: all traits that Dr. Nsour hopes EagleTC embodies.

Plus, “Nsour” is Arabic for eagles, and the symbolism and traits of the eagle accurately depict where Dr. Nsour envisions the brand soaring in the future.