EagleTC is helping drive the dynamic progress in modern transportation, which offers drivers expanded functionality for infotainment, navigation, communication, connectivity and safety. Exciting developments include everything from better integration of a driver’s personal smartphone with vehicle systems or telematics for fleet management to advanced driver assistance systems of the future.

As the software-defined vehicle gains prominence in modern transportation, EagleTC has proven capabilities and accomplishments in consulting across the entire software development and testing space in the automobile industry. We can help plan and oversee new software development programs and teams, as well as assist with existing ones, to include outsourced staffing.


We appreciate the engineering and commercial imperatives to find ways to accelerate development and lower costs as these software-defined systems grow in complexity, as well as the proportion of both a vehicle’s total development costs and its showroom valuation. We welcome new models, which promise to quicken software development and testing, enhance collaboration and lower project costs through a cloud-based toolbox approach—what has been called the Virtual Engineering Workbench. At the same time, we must be prepared to help assess the sufficiency and format of the electronics infrastructure and processing power underlying today’s connected car, as well as how ever greater amounts of data—whether acquired through testing simulations or real-world testing—can be processed and analyzed.