Software Development

The complexity of the modern automobile industry with their underlying technologies, multiple specialist contributors’ participation in many projects, and the practical and competitive urgency to meet—or exceed—projected timelines put a premium on the astute marshaling of resources in software development.

Thus, software developers and their teams will utilize the most appropriate software development model for the task at hand, considering factors such as experience, complexity or novelty of the assignment, the scale of work and how closely project objectives are defined pre-development.

EagleTC has outstanding experience with the V-Model Software Development process with its structured Verification (developer’s) and Validation (tester’s) life cycles. At the same time, we also apply the principles of Agile (incremental) Software Development methodology. This shortens the software development cycle by providing constant feedback between development and validation. In addition to our extensive experience in the automotive industry, EagleTC also accepts select software development projects from other industry groups.

EagleTC strives to achieve a work product that meets or exceeds program objectives and, further, cultivates a true collaborative spirit among the many teams involved in any modern software development project. As a result, we can assume leadership positions on software development assignments, while working seamlessly as co-vendors.