Who We Are

EagleTC is a global partner to the automotive leaders, accelerating our clients’ implementation of next-generation technologies. Change is a constant in life, especially when it comes to technology. EagleTC specialize in software development, software testing, and consulting services to help our clients succeed in technology competence. Our innovative experts, led by Founder and CEO Dr. Ahmad Nsour, bring a wealth of expertise in key functional areas for the automotive industry. We work worldwide to develop, refine and test the latest software and technologies before they reach the production line. By emphasizing strategies and solutions, EagleTC enhances cooperation between management, research and development departments and test organizations.

Why EagleTC

EagleTC brings excellence through strategic thinking and planning, enabling a faster transition from concept to completion. Our agility and innovation, along with our global presence, allows EagleTC’s engineers to deliver cutting-edge best practices efficiently to our customers.


We aim to advance technology in ways that make mobility safe, productive, comfortable and entertaining.


Our vision is to be a global leader admired for its technical excellence and innovation, as well as an employer, business partner and contributor to communities.

Core Values

Excellence – Never compromise quality.

Innovation — Foster new business opportunities.

Entrepreneurial – Value individual contributions.

Transparency – Say what is known and know what is said.

Respect — Work toward shared goals.

Integrity — Act on what we understand to be right.

Inclusion — Be open to the experience and ideas of others.


Leadership Team

Ahmad Nsour, Ph.D.

Founder and CEO
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Bilal Ahmad

Managing Director, Australia and Asia
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Susan Hollar

Operations Manager, The Americas
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Ratib Al-Nsour

Operations Manager, Middle East
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