Our Services

As a trusted partner to automakers and their suppliers, EagleTC provides a comprehensive array of consulting, software development and software testing services. These services reflect our established expertise and responsiveness to client needs, our commitment and reputation for quality, and our ability to field teams quickly on a global basis.

Software Testing

Software testing is an integral part of any Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Following V-Model software development process and applying Agile Methodology, any software program or application is validated and verified.

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Software Development

The complexity of the modern automobiles with their underlying technologies, multiple specialist contributors’ participation in many projects, and the practical and competitive urgency to meet—or exceed—projected timelines put a premium on the astute marshaling of resources in software development.

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EagleTC is helping drive the dynamic progress in modern transportation, which offers drivers expanded functionality for infotainment, navigation, communication, connectivity and safety. Exciting developments include everything from better integration of a driver’s personal smartphone with vehicle systems or telematics for fleet management to advanced driver assistance systems of the future.

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