Case Studies

Over the air: secure, streamlined, and continuous remote updating to address the dynamic, evolving needs of automotive systems.

Over the Air (OTA) commonly refers to the ability to download applications, services, and configurations over a mobile or cellular network. In the automotive industry, OTA updates enable OEMs to eliminate the need for software-related recalls and make software updates easy and seamless, allowing for better maintainability of the overall system. The two key categories of OTA updates for automobiles are infotainment and drive control. These updates improve the overall driving experience and are considered critical.
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Global reach: prompt, reliable phone compatibility testing for infotainment systems in key world regions.

Modern automotive infotainment systems bring expanded functions and enjoyment to the driving experience. With each new automotive platform and model year, as well as for major infotainment system updates, automakers and their key suppliers must ensure in market compatibility of these systems with a wide range of consumer electronic devices and service providers including, but not limited to cellular phones and cellular carriers in markets worldwide.
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Voice recognition: robust, efficient, and seamless testing to solve a complex, ever-changing problem for automakers.

As automotive manufacturers continue to focus on developing fully-integrated, connected IoT vessels on wheels, automakers have quickly — and rightfully — placed a high emphasis on evolving as the technology does, while elevating the importance of quickly and efficiently problem solving along the way.
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