Our Solutions

EagleTC has a portfolio of customer solutions for specific technology integrations.

Voice Recognition

“Hands-free” voice recognition is an integral part of the connected car and its digital cockpit in the service of systems like navigation and infotainment. At the same time, it has great potential for advanced programs of intelligent vehicle control. This “hands-free” universe continues to expand as voice-controlled smartphone apps lead the way to integrating core vehicle systems with extra-vehicle devices.
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Connectivity Compatibility

Navigation and infotainment systems in the connected car rely on short-range Bluetooth, WiFi or, in some cases, direct USB connection for software updates, data transmission and the connection of our familiar smartphone apps with a vehicle’s entertainment and navigation systems.
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Software Automation

For today’s automobile industry, as a core adjunct to manual testing, automation testing of software solutions can: significantly increase testing scope and repetitions at reduced costs; help ensure reliability; allow earlier detection of issues; and bring reliable software solutions more quickly to market.
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Field Testing

Today’s highly sophisticated vehicles must perform to specs in the testing lab or dealer showroom and, most importantly, on the road in real-world driving, which is the ultimate test of the human-software-machine interface and consumer acceptance.
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Over the Air

The OTA solution optimizes software updates and enhances vehicle functionalities in the automotive sector. It includes efficient package downloads and updates, rigorous system-level testing, and prompt customer support. The goal is to improve the overall driving experience, minimize costs, and drive continuous improvement in the industry.
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