Digital Cockpit

Listen, learn, navigate.

Whether personal or commercial, the modern driver can access and command a wealth of information, processes, and control technologies. In addition to navigation and infotainment, these technologies can and will increase in the future, interfacing with a broad range of safety and communication functions. These capabilities include everything from adaptive cruise control and automatic parking to traffic management systems and vehicle-to-vehicle communications.

In terms of functionality, infotainment systems—along with navigation systems—pioneered the integration of the Digital Cockpit’s graphical displays and multiple control interfaces with the Connected Car. We also continue to advance much of the essential core networking, software development and control systems upon which the modern vehicle relies—and thrives.

Going further, today’s Android Auto and Apple CarPlay smartphone interfaces exemplify the powerful integration of high-speed, high capacity data streams with functions displayed and controlled by the Connected Car’s Digital Cockpit.

EagleTC has outstanding experience in the product development cycle for multiple high-end infotainment systems, including software development, software testing services, handset testing and vehicle integration. These assignments include developing and testing more than a hundred high-end infotainment systems for leading global automakers —including across multiple model years for individual platforms.

In the future, our Digital Cockpit will become the centerpiece for an ever more powerful transportation nerve center, as safety and traffic control features and on/off autonomous driving capabilities are further integrated into vehicles. These areas of vehicle function will also be subject to the regulatory environment, just as crash, tire, lighting or fuel economy standards are today.

In doing so, EagleTC can help with strategic consulting, quality assurance, software development and full-cycle software testing, and in-house staff recruitment and augmentation.