Connected Car

Always on!

Today’s Connected Car comprises an ever-advancing roster of communication modalities. Data can be transmitted through Broadband, WiFi, Bluetooth and Near-Field Communications (NFC) and a full array of wired and wireless sensing devices, including cameras, radar [SH1] and ultrasonic.

We can also define the Connected Car by how the vehicle communicates: with specific systems like navigation or infotainment feeds; vehicle to vehicle; vehicle to infrastructure; and vehicle to “everything.”

Third, we can define the Connected Car in terms of functionality, ranging from navigation and infotainment to safety features like over-the-air updates or intrinsic crash avoidance systems to future schemes where the vehicle could be controlled externally by traffic management systems. Many commercial vehicles—particularly in fleet management systems—are already subject to telematics at-a-distance monitoring and limited forms of control.

Building on today’s Connected Car, we can envision further developments for autonomous vehicles and remotely-controlled vehicles, including those employed in mining, agriculture, surveillance or hostile environments.

In helping advance the Connected Car, EagleTC has great experience with strategic and product consulting, quality assurance, software development and full-cycle software testing, and in-house staff recruitment and augmentation across many vehicle platforms, automakers and their suppliers.