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Infotainment Systems
  • Acoustic Analysis
  • Gain and Frequency Tests
  • Low Frequency Response and Subwoofer Audio Tests
  • High Frequency Response Tests
  • Mid-Range Frequency Tests
  • Signal Distortion Tests
  • Left/Right Stereo Audio Tests
  • Stereo Perception and Sound Localization Tests
  • Audio Test Tones Bit Rate and Resolution Tests
  • High Definition Audio Tests for High End Systems
  • DW, SW, and DWFT CAN Networks
    • Physical Layer Testing
    • Application and Datalink Layer Testing
  • OEM Compliance Testing
    • GMW3110/CG-2474 Diagnostic Testing
    • GMW14241 Serial Data Communication Testing
    • J2602-2 LIN Testing
    • Automotive Ethernet AVB/FSA Testing
    • Ford ITV Testing Part 1 and Part 2
    • Chrysler DPRS Testing
    • FIAT Norms Testing (7z specs)
  • Vector CANoe, DIVA, CAN Stress and CANdela Applications
  • Automation Applications using J2534 Devices
    • Diagnostic Protocol Automation
    • DTC and Diagnostic Data Validation Solutions
    • CAN Datalink and Application Layer Automation Solutions
    • CAN Stress Automation
    • Easy Script Creator (Create your own tests)
  • KWP2000 and UDS Protocol Validation
Apps and Connectivity
  • On board Apps Functionality Tests
  • Over the Air Updates
  • Custom and Market Apps
  • Mirror Link, Car Play, Android Auto
  • Bluetooth profiles
  • Phone Projection
  • Embedded WiFi/UMTS
  • Embedded cellular network access systems
Languages and Translations
  • Translation testing of Latin, Asian and Arabic Languages
  • Truncations, Missing Strings and String Cut offs
  • Native Speaker Testing
Human Machine Interface
  • Spec Validation of Human Machine Interface design
  • Stress and Performance Testing
  • Prompt and Pop-ups Priority Testing
  • Screen Brightness and Color Specifications Testing
  • Driver Distraction Tests
  • Design Certification
  • Ease of Use Surveys according to Local Markets
  • User Preference Search and Surveys
  • Market Benchmark Studies and research
  • Map View, Destination Input, Route Guidance, Positioning, Traffic Event.
  • Point of Interest Database Verification
  • Navigation Database Test using Automation
  • NAV Testing of NA, EU, Asian and Middle Eastern Markets
  • Dead Reckoning Tests
  • GPS Algorithm Tests both at Unit Test and System Test Levels
Voice Recognition
  • Functional Test of VR Systems
  • Performance and Recognition tests of all languages
  • Recognition Metrics of languages
  • Confusability Matrix of languages
  • Natural Language Testing
  • Native Speaker and Automation Test Scripts
  • Off-board and on-board VR Recognition Tests
  • VR Grammar Design and Recommendations